Strategic Alliances

Bringing people together, infrastructure, capabilities and expertise of both companies to increased and improved credibility

SAS Security Services has created a truly international capability through the continuous forming of Strategic Alliances worldwide.

These Alliances integrate the security operations of both companies at the point of delivery ensuring the client to benefit from an increased level of resources and expertise, through cost effective professional services and comprehensive solutions.

Our mission and vision is to increase the visibility of both companies, so that the combined skills, products and knowledge can make significant contributions to staff, clients and international security solutions and services of both organizations.

The companies that make up our Strategic Alliance are known for innovation, knowledge, skills and security solutions that will add significant security benefits to all parties involved.

The Strategic Alliance will create a vast support of infrastructure, giving our companies access to unrivalled and unparalleled operational presence and capability in the Asia region and worldwide.

By forming Global Strategic Alliances it will present both parties the following mutual advantages:

– Development of a domestic and worldwide security footprint
– Development of a domestic and worldwide network and operational resources
– Creating access to local, national and international markets
– Bringing people together, infrastructure, capabilities and expertise of both companies
– Identification of experts and company expertise
– Exchange of detailed information and valuable intelligence
– Gaining access to new technology
– Benefitting from economies in different regions
– An additional for client referrals
– Increased and improved credibility
– Generate marketing and sales opportunities
– Reducing the cost and risk of a combined strategy and/or product

We welcome new Global Strategic Alliances and are more than happy to reciprocate projects.