VVIP Services

SAS offers wide range of VVIP services.

We have access to the necessary facilities to provide VVIP services for clients that require secure transportation in & around Bali.

Provide all your VIP transport needs. We can arrange transport to and from Ngurah Rai airport; airside pick ups, assisted immigration & visa services, baggage collection and prestige vehicles if required.

SAS has a management structure who are very much “hands on” in terms of our clients and operations. We will always know what is happening with our clients to ensure our personnel are delivering the highest standard of service.

Our management team is available 24 hours 7 days a week who can make decisions or take immediate action.

SAS range of services for VVIP client includes:

* Conducting Advanced work & Reconnaissance
* Organizing & implementing arrival & departure procedures
* Security operational procedures for public occasions
* Building & Vehicle searches
* Detailed risk Assessments
* Preparing Emergency Drills
* Liaising with the Police & Local Security Companies
* Advice on Travel Arrangements
* Personal Safety Briefings & Training

High risk/profile clients can be offered internationally qualified bodyguard services that can be utilized outside of Indonesia should clients request this.

These services utilize a global network of dedicated security specialists that are at the pinnacle of security services.

Should you require these services we will need to confirm operatives’ schedules four weeks prior to acceptance of your assignment.