Personal & Property Security

SAS Security Services can supply you with a Project Security Management service for companies, developing new projects. We will supply a Security Co-ordinator who is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week & will be personally responsible for making sure that the highest standards of personal & property protection are maintained.

The Co-ordinator will manage the security operations of your project, liaising with local law enforcement agencies & supervising local Guard Services, and advising management on day to day security issues.

SAS Service Coverage :

SAS supply Consultancy, Co-ordinators & Management throughout the project life including the following:

* Risk Assessments
* Due Diligence towards partners & local contractors
* Problem solving & immediate response to crisis
* Security planning & development
* Security systems & facilities
* Writing of contingency plans to manage security related incidents & emergency evacuation
* Training & supervision of Guard services
* Management of the project throughout the construction & operational phases
* Asset Protection
* Internal & External checklist