Oil, Gas and Mining

SAS Security Services has the expertise and experience to provide Security Solutions and Services for on-shore and off-shore oil platforms and vessels, gas installations, mining and stockpile sites, hauling and transshipment logistics of diverse commodities.

The oil, gas and mining industry have unique challenges in terms of security. We are using a comprehensive methodology that integrates security, technology and intelligence to provide the best possible protection for your staff, equipment and operations.

Significant resources are definitely needed, in order to provide even the most basic levels of security for remote and isolated production facilities.

These industries have long been the targets of theft, extortion, sabotage and executive kidnap, due to its high value of investment.

SAS Security Services has the resources and financial capability to provide the protection of such sites. Through deployment of specialist teams we are able to assist and provide our clients with:

– Political and social-economic country reports
– Location scouting
– Liaison with local communities
– Liaison with law enforcement and government authorities
– Executive protection for CEO’s and VIP’s
– Installation and implementing of electronic security devices
– Installation and implementing vehicle and vessel tracking systems
– Static perimeter protection
– Emergency response programs and teams
– Mobile pipeline, vessel and transportation protection
– Security awareness training packages for local work forces