Maritime Security and Logistics

SAS Security Services offers professional Maritime Solutions and Services to individuals and corporations, for the protection of all maritime aspects, in order to minimize the risk and liability of their vessels when docked in a harbor or when en-route on domestic and international waters.

All security solutions and services are designed and tailored to requirements of each individual client, in both the commercial and the private sector.

We have the resources to provide Maritime Security for vessel, personnel or maritime asymmetric threats.

We are able to tailor and customize a maritime security service and logistic program for the client’s vessel, fleet and facility by incorporating aspects of the security plan in their daily operations. It will be very effective when a training of the security solutions and services plan will be conducted in conjunction with frequent practical exercises and lifetime drills.

We are able to provide you with assessments, solutions, security plans and logistic services, which will include the following:

– MTSA / ISPS Code Plan – assessment and production
– Audit (for both ships and facilities) of current MTSA / ISPS Code Plans
– Maritime voyage threat assessments
– Piracy Incidents Vessel Security Plans review or compilation to MTSA / ISPS codes
– Security of vessel when docked
– Penetration testing of ship security
– Selection of on-board security staff
– Needs assessment and provision of defensive equipment
– Immigration and custom facilitation services
– Secure vehicle / limousine transportation services from and to the vessel
– Secure helicopter services from and to the vessel

For your information, SAS Security Services is RSO (Registered Security Organization) and ISPS certified.