Conference and Event Security

SAS Security Services provides full comprehensive Security and Logistic Management Services for Conferences and Events whether for the private, corporate or public sector.

We offer comprehensive Conference and Event security packages that provide protection for summits, seminars, exhibitions, business conferences, corporate events, general meetings, international sporting events, international and local film, TV and documentary productions.

Securing Conferences and Events is an extremely complicated task, with a large number of variables. Our team of specialists coordinate and work in close cooperation with conference and event organizers. Our team will identify and analyze potential risks that could arise and could cause safety hazards during these events.

We will assist in planning, co-ordinate documentation and facilitate the smooth and successful provision of any Conference and Event from start to finish.

The specific characteristics of Conferences and Events with its guests, the producers of the event and management of the site, various service providers like caterers, waiters, photographers, florists, musicians, just to name a few, must all be taken into account.

All security and protection activities must be fully coordinated with local communities, law enforcement and emergency responses services. At all time, the high-level security arrangements must remain discreet, in order not to disrupt the atmosphere and smooth running of the event.

All this means that securing an event involves a meticulous planning with in-depth and detailed advance preparations. By providing our complete facilitation management package, our clients will be able to relax and enjoy being the host.