Close Protection

SAS Security Services provides Close Protection support programs in low, medium and high threat hostile environments.

For corporations, organizations and individuals to prosper, everybody must be safe, healthy and happy within their environment. Our Close Protection support program is designed to provide corporations and organizations with cost effective solutions to ensure the maximum productivity and prosperity while visiting and working in adverse conditions.

We are able to provide clients with first-class professional Close Protection Services, inclusive secure transportation services with tracking systems and trauma kits. In addition, we are able to provide any necessary liaison with local government agencies for corporate delegations travelling through hazardous or hostile countries

A comprehensive Close Protection support plan will be designed in accordance with the itinerary of our clients, so that we can correctly gauge threat and protocol as well as make the necessary local arrangements for safe passage, inclusive of route planning, recon, liaison, QRT, etc.

We will request the amount of visiting individuals, their itinerary (and residence plan) and some general information about the clients / corporations / organizations purposes of their trip. Eventually, in order to arrange their VIP airport service, as well as access to any official areas, we will need scans of their passports.

We have the solutions and the services you need, our experienced specialists are ready to meet your needs. When your people need to travel than we will provide your people with the mobility!

We are able to provide simple soft vehicles, such as sedans and SUVs with security drivers and armed mobile personal security details with armored vehicles, to helicopters, private jets, fast boats and yachts.

We will make sure that our clients will arrive on time, safe and sound. Please contact us and we will tailor a support package that is right for your needs.