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Profesional Bali Security Service, SAS believe that in every security challenge, there is an opportunity to unlock hidden benefits. The key to this is understanding the bigger picture. We draw on our global resources in logistics, technology, risk consultancy and project management and our experience of managing the world’s largest force of security personnel in diverse regulatory environments across 120 countries, to create security solutions which deliver more than the sum of their individual parts. As a result, our customers are able to better protect their critical assets, generate extra revenues, reduce costs and deliver an enhanced service to their customers. In uncertain times, what we do makes a difference. Let us help you to see the opportunities that exist in the challenges of securing your world. * Sector * Private energy and utilities * Financial institution * Government * Oil and Gas * Leisure and tourism * Major corporate and industries * Port and airport * Retail * Transport and logistic

About Us

SAS Security Services operates with seasoned professionals across a spectrum of disciplines with extensive experience in different types of environments. Our uniquely qualified team of experts, which includes security and risk consultants, intelligence analysts and operational specialists, provides decision-makers with comprehensive strategic solutions. Through continuous training, expertise and extensive experience, we have the ability to react swiftly to un-expected events that require prompt and decisive action. We always operate in a discreet manner, as confidentiality is weaved into the fabric of our work. We focus on countries in the SE Asian region and in particular Indonesia. Through our network of Global Strategic Alliances, we are able to conduct an array of high quality assessments with solutions and services in most international locations.

Service & Solution

As a professional Risk Management / Security and Logistic Solutions and Services firm with offices in Yogyakarta, Semarang, Bali – Indonesia, we have the financial capability, experience, expertise, network, resources and in-depth country knowledge of culture and languages in the Asian region. We offer cost effective specialized Security and Logistic Solutions and Services, tailored to each client. We will provide you with important, relevant and detailed information in a compressed time, including the strategic insights and knowledge, when you need to make important business decisions and gain that competitive edge and advantage. SAS Security Service has a proven track record in pro-active and active dealing with emergency and crisis situations.

Strategic Alliances

SAS Security Services has created a truly international capability through the continuous forming of Strategic Alliances worldwide. These Alliances integrate the security operations of both companies at the point of delivery ensuring the client to benefit from an increased level of resources and expertise, through cost effective professional services and comprehensive solutions. Our mission and vision is to increase the visibility of both companies, so that the combined skills, products and knowledge can make significant contributions to staff, clients and international security solutions and services of both organizations. The companies that make up our Strategic Alliance are known for innovation, knowledge, skills and security solutions that will add significant security benefits to all parties involved. The Strategic Alliance will create a vast support of infrastructure, giving our companies access to unrivalled and unparalleled operational presence and capability in the Asia region and worldwide.

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Thanks for visiting SAS Security Services The Best Security Service in Yogyakarta, Semarang & Bali mostly Indonesia Please contact us with any questions you may have, or to schedule an estimate on your security project. SAS Security Service “Securing The World” Address : Bendan 006/023 Tirtomartani Kalasan Sleman - Yogyakarta 55571, Indonesia Mobile : 08123654489 Website : Email :